Exterior Painting Services

jj-painting_portfolio_5282Exterior Painting is one of the most important things a homeowner can do to ensure their home is protected from the elements. Paint protects the home from the sun, wind, rain and snow that beat down on it all year long. Moisture particularly can cause all sorts of issues to the siding and trim on a home. A solid coating of the right product will protect the exterior surfaces of your home and keep them looking good year after year.

We understand that the most critical element to any exterior painting project is the surface preparation. Applying a fresh coat of paint to a poorly prepared surface will only lead to more problems. It cannot be over-stated how important it is to remove the chipping and failing paint from previous coats, sand the areas to be painted, and remove all dust before paint is applied. All the cracks where moisture might enter the home should be caulked and all the rotted boards should be replaced. We countersink any nails and fill the holes. Primer is used where necessary and premium quality paints are applied when all the preparation is complete.