Carpentry Services

The rotten siding and trim were removed from this chimney.
After being replaced the new siding and trim were primed with oil.

Often times when starting an exterior painting project, especially here in New England, we find rotten boards that need to be replaced. Some painting companies require you to find a carpenter or another contractor to handle those problems before starting, but not J & J Painting LLP. We have the expertise and know-how to handle the typical problems we encounter. Whether you have some siding that needs replaced or some rotten trim around your windows, we can handle it. We can repair fascia, soffits, decking, rails, and more.


Interior projects can also require carpentry work. Sometimes clients want to do a little more to improve a room than just paint. We can update a space by adding crown moldings or a chair rail to break up the space and allow for a variation in color.  Whether we’re adding bead-board or installing some new baseboard we got you covered.  J & J Painting LLP will make sure that your project is done with attention to detail and that your space reaches its full potential.